Podcast - Episode 27: 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to 2016, or as I like to call it, the year of Captain America: Civil War!

Dave and I get excited about all sorts of things that are going to be coming out this year.

First of all, here are the crazy adorable, impossibly awesome crochet Captain America and Winter Soldier that J.Bone made for me!!!!


I know why you guys come here: hilarious Captain America: White panels. Here you go!

I actually forgot to mention this one on the show. It made me laugh out loud for real:

"Soft spot." Skull knows what's up.

Here's Steve and Bucky rolled into a tight ball. This goes on for a few panels:


Here are the very oddly posed In Memoriam statues of Cap and Bucky:

And here's Captain America riding off into the American Flag sunset, his shield concealing the middle finger he's flipping Fury, probably:

Oh, Captain America: White. I miss you already.

Here is that VERY short Disney Channel clip about Civil War. It's a minute long and it made me lose my mind three times.



I have been looking at a lot of Stormpilot fanart on Tumblr. There is some great stuff. Like this:

But don't worry. I still make time for great Stucky fanart. Like this:

And speaking of Stucky, here is that Vanity Fair piece about the Steve/Bucky fandom.

Alright! First episode of 2016 done! Thanks for listening. Will we ever do a Jessica Jones episode? Stay tuned!


Good lord I forgot to post the gif that Matt made me for Christmas! Here it is:

And also, here is a link to the advent calendar he made for me in 2010. And here's a taste of what it was like: