Archie Sunday: Archie's Gag Bag

Archie's Gag Bag was an Archie Comics classic feature, a page full of one-joke strips that was usually stuck between a couple of longer stories. Never before has the feature's title been as relevant to one of the gags. 

In an amazing coincidence, both Betty and Veronica made exactly the same sound in a similar circumstance.

(And I didn't get hurricaned to death! Just had no power for maybe 30 hours)

Archie Sunday: Matter Over Mind

Get Reggie to tell you what he likes: he will not lie, though other Riverdale teens may deny. When a girl walks by with an itty-bitty waist and a round thing in his face, he gets sprung - to the extent that he completely ignores his date and eats her ice cream by mistake. 

Also, none of the songs that he writes are any good.

Archie Sunday: A Sporting Wager

Time for a bet: imagine a skate-off between Archie and Mr Weatherbee. Imagine that I'm not obviously setting you up - who would you bet on to win?

Just to make sure that you're making an informed decision, let's get some analysis from longtime Weatherbee coworker Miss Grundy:

And what about Archie and the gang - what do they think about the prospect of a skating competition with their beloved principal?

So, have you placed your bet? You've taken into account the fact that I'm totally not setting you up? Good.


Further, you shouldn't have taken that side bet that the whole thing wouldn't be totally awesome.

Awesome and slightly terrifying.

I just hope that you've learned your lesson about gambling.